Creativity is Overrated

Every designer is creative, right? So how do you distinguish between a good or bad designer? First and foremost their ability to listen, secondly they should ask the right questions. Only then can briefs be resolved creatively, guided by informationinsight and intuition.
Kevin Scarlett - Creative Director of Scarlet Design since 1995
Welcome! to our new updated website. In an ever changing world nothing remains the same for very long. Enjoy this version, we are constantly looking to improve the information presented here but most importantly we’d love to hear from you in person, so please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any query…
The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
Aldo Gucci

Our Daily Pride

One of the best emotions one can feel is pride. That’s what drives us project after project, we want to feel proud of our work but most importantly we want everyone we work with to feel that same pride.
Working together as a team is a sure way to guarantee this.
Joe Marsello- New Business Development Manager of Scarlet Design since 2008

Latest// Ecco Congress Vienna

So good to see the fruits of almost two years work

Ecco’s bi-annual Cancer Congress is one of those marathon projects.
It was great to see it blossom and become the most successful one ever.

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Working with Kevin is a pleasure! He quickly understands and even anticipates our needs and offers his expertise with full respect of our requirements.
Negina, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager, ECCO