Glacier after all these years

The perfume sector is all about aspirations and dreams. A scent is part of a persons identity, their own brand if you like. So imagery and the branding of the perfume are as important as the scent itself. A fragrance delivered in a generic bottle could not sell itself on the bouquet alone.
Glacier defies its age, designed back in 2003 - 2004, it is still around today. Unchanged and more successful than ever, which is quite exceptional in a sector that is ever clamouring for the shiny and new. Glacier is an ever present in the Oriflame range, being a constant top 10 seller over its entire lifespan.
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Glacier is still strong after so many years. It is one of our top 10 brands
Christine, Global Marketing Director Fragrance Oriflame

So Successful, Reincarnated 3 Times and counting…!

Building on this brand success story, Oriflame has very cleverly marketed 3 new variants over recent years. New positionings along with simple colour changes and additional sub brand names was all it took.
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Glacier Imagery

The Glacier catalogue imagery
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Glacier Blue Extensions

The original Glacier Blue perfume is extended with a range of toiletries and special editions over the years.
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