Look & Feel for Think Tank

Bruegel came to us with a logo they were quite happy with.
The problem was that was all they had at the time and things were starting to go pear shaped. Nothing corresponded, logos were all over the place, in short they needed some guidence.
In fact the whole look and feel of the corporate identity needed to be thoroughly looked at. Towards something that corresponded to the sensitive field they worked in, adding a touch of balance via discrete use of a secondary colour was part of this.
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Our clients love the new housestyle, one Japanse delegation sent their compliments they were very impressed with the transformation.
Naiara, Marketing Bruegel

Housestyle Guidelines

Clear Corporate guidelines form the basis for existing and future projects, ensuring consistency of delivery on all media. This is an essential tool of any thorough Corporate Identity exercise.
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Corporate Literature and more…

Annual reports, Corporate Brochures, Newsletters, Books, Signage, Office decor, Posters, Banners, Newletters, Powerpoint Templates and a Complete set of Stationary and Promotional items.
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