Creation of the Jafra Pirate Collection

Kids bath time should be fun right? Let’s be honest, it can become another chore, or there are kids who just don’t like getting their hair wet! To ensure your kid doesn’t develop an allergy to bathtime, Jafra developed the Pirate collection of products. His and her fragrances, hair detangling potions, even soaps!!
All are packaged in a theme popular with kids today with hero’s like ‘Pirates’, ’the little Mermaid’ ‘Nemo’ etc…
We developed the whole branding, character creation, product stories and typography. All respecting the technical limitations that are part and parcel of a multi-source packaging range.
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The Packaging

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About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things.
John Appleseed

Jafra Tender Moments baby range

The Jafra Tender Moments range is aimed at the mother and baby market. The product story is all about trust and caring. Two ranges, an every day range of caring toiletries denoted by a bird and the colour yellow which hints at the fragrance and key ingredient of camomile.
The second range is specifically aimed at bedtime rituals and caring, with the owl as reassuring symbol and the colour purple indicating the inclusion of a hint of Lavender as the soft perfume. Both ranges are tied together by the branding with a branch that underlines it and a paediatrician endorsement.
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